Antioch Church is a Christian Church which affirms and teaches the major doctrines of the Christian faith.  Several of these are outlined below.  The congregation began four years after the Civil War in 1868 as a part of the old Woodstock Congregation.  The Building was completed in 1869 and services have been held here ever since with the exception of a 10 year time period between 1921-31 when the building was closed due to lack of interest.       


After reopening, the church has been alive ever since.  In 1957, the members erected an addition onto the back of the church for bathrooms and Sunday School rooms and dug out a basement which was used as a kitchen and fellowship hall.  In 1958, the vestibule was added and in 2004, a major addition was completed including a new fellowship, new kitchen and bathrooms.  We also purchased nearly four additional acres of land to provide for future expansion.  The loan on these items was paid off several years early in 2010.  In 2007, The Antioch Little Duckling Preschool program began and in 2011, we employed a part time Administrative Assistant and a part time Associate Pastor.   Antioch is currently involved in a long range Master’s Planning process to identify and accomplish our top priorities which are:                    

1.  To build disciples with passion and leadership. (in process)                    

2.  Develop a Masterplan for the building and site. (in process)                  

3.  Employ an Associate Pastor (completed).                    

4.  Establish a Fellowship Team to create more fellowship opportunities.

5.  Establish a defined plan for evangelism and local mission to reach people for Christ.       


Since its beginning, Antioch has endeavored to be true to the Bible and be a light and witness in the community for Jesus Christ.   Many people have labored for the Lord here over the years and we plan to faithfully do so until Jesus returns! Antioch is a congregation in the Covenant Brethren Church ( which was established on October 24, 2020.